Perfection in Automation

B&R - Perfection in Automation / Produced by Filmproduktion und Videoproduktion in Salzburg Quadroptik

We created this visual “roller coaster ride” in collaboration with the Salzburg based advertising agency Adwerba.The automation specialist B&R had a new product in the pipeline. The so called ACOPOStrak revolutionizes the flexibility of automation systems. The flexible transport system enables the literally “smooth” transport of products and product components, which are transported on individual shuttles quickly and flexibly by a plant from processing station to processing station.

For a product launch at the trade show SPS IPC-Drives, the ACOPOStrak should be staged as spectacularly as possible. The problem: How do you stage a prototype that stands immovable in a relatively bare industrial building? Cables, grids and lots of other items that you just don’t want to see in a product film made a quick troubleshooting impossible. The solution: black molton fabric in large quantities. Only then could we highlight the product and conceal all unwanted things.

An ingenious lighting concept and some custom-made design-features (the orange balls) did the rest. The film itself is about numbers, KPIs, ROIs, hard facts. Business talk at its best. It was very well received and the product that we were able to stage under strict secrecy is a real game changer!