Finest Crafted Advertising

Adwerba - Finest Crafted Advertising - Produced by Filmproduktion und Videoproduktion in Salzburg Quadroptik

The Salzburg based advertising agency Adwerba was stuck in the middle of a Design-relaunch, when their request for a fresh agency film trickled into our house.

The new claim “Finest Crafted Advertising” was the central message of the film. Our customer asked if we could realize the film without a dramatic voice-over or rushing effects. Thus, the film was reduced to 3 core elements: authenticity, handcraft, people.

The charm of the industrial location and the family-like relationship of the employees of Salzburg’s oldest (but by no means old-fashioned) agency, made it really easy to find the right pictures for this film. The whole clip feels like a brief visit of Adwerba and gives you the feeling, that working with this agency is going to be great.