dm Drogeriemarkt Vorteilswelt // Produced by Videoproduktion und Filmproduktion aus Salzburg Quadroptik

Well, the good old dm Vorteilscard is history, because it has made room for the new Payback-Card. What was left of the old dm-Vorteilscard is this film that we were allowed to produce for dm. Our task was to show as simple and sympathetic as possible, the many ways to get a dm Vorteilscard. To implement the story, we chose the format of an explain-film. To bring more personality into the film, the client wanted to work with an actress.

We shot vertical in the green box to get as much resolution as possible, but most of the work was done on the computer. Based on the existing Corporate Design of the dm Vorteilswelt we created this colorful world of pop-up Bubbles and Titles. We like to remember this project … and the dm Vorteilscard.

dm Vorteilswelt