BMW M-Performance Parts by AutoFrey - Produced by Salzburger Filmproduktion und Videoproduktion Quadroptik

For the exclusive Car Seller AutoFrey, we have created a film that is primarily intended to appeal to tuners among premium automotive customers. The M-Performance-Upgrades of the BMW models offered by AutoFrey provide the car with “more” power, sound, performance and simply “more M”. AutoFrey’s slogan “We do more” was the basic idea behind this project and also the answer to the question we ask at the beginning of the clip: “You want more?” “We do more.”

The film consists of a mixture of quiet workshop pictures and fast driving scenes. At the beginning in the workshop, the BMW is still “raw” and must be upgraded to “deserve” an M. At the same time, fast driving scenes, which are intercutted, serve as a kind of flash forward or outlook on the true strength of the BMW. The combination of fast paced music and roaring sounds follows a continuous build-up of tension that finally culminates in the “packshot” of the M upgrade.

This project also marked the beginning of our cooperation with the Onlinemarketingschmiede. From now we also offer services such as video marketing, channel strategies, etc. From planning, through production to seeding and reporting, we are able to manage everything under one roof.